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Priority Midland is a forum for the community to work together, meeting Midland’s challenges head-on

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Industry success and a thriving community shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. In the long-term, you can’t have one without the other.

This is a globally significant opportunity … that we should capture and maximize and make this the greatest place on earth.

To better meet the needs of our rapidly growing community, this unified effort brings together the many stakeholders in Midland’s future, working alongside all seven local taxing authorities – the City of Midland, Midland County, Midland ISD, Greenwood ISD, Midland College, Midland County Hospital District and Midland County Utility District.

Now is the time to tap into Midland’s long history of taking bold steps and doing big things.

In addition, Priority Midland includes more than 200 Midlanders sharing their ingenuity and countless hours of effort through Working Groups and a Stakeholder Advisory Group.

This collaborative forum engages people from across the community, all pursuing the same end – making Midland a priority.

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Opinion: There is power in partnership

The Permian is blessed with courageous, inventive people and natural resources beyond our wildest imagination. It is one of the reasons wildcatters had the audacity to believe they could create an oasis in the middle of the desert so many lifetimes ago. And against many odds, that’s exactly what they did. Each generation that follows is asked to recommit to Midland’s future and face its challenges – some new, some enduring – head-on.

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Community Spotlight

Bringing awareness to community resources and opportunities

Midland Community Development Corporation

Midland Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit helping to build a stronger community by providing financing and education to small businesses and first-time home buyers in low-income areas of Midland.

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