Priority Midland’s unique approach


Midland’s future is bright. And to ensure we set our community up for success, we’re locking arms and getting down to work – together.

In a very real sense, every organization, business, and citizen in Midland is an important stakeholder in the Priority Midland initiative and the future of the community.

To that end, Priority Midland has engaged Midlanders with a mix of expertise, experience and passion to help move the needle in five categories – education, health + wellness, housing, infrastructure and quality of place – by:

  • Aligning community priorities;
  • Identifying new sources of funding and resources;
  • Accelerating project timelines;
  • Creating a roadmap for the future of Midland.

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Priority Midland Stakeholder Structure

This figure illustrates the multi-tiered levels of organizational engagement. The inner ring includes the taxing entities and other organizations that comprise the Steering Committee, which has a central oversight role in the initiative.

The second ring includes a broad array of organizations and individuals that provide guidance and input by serving on the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

The community has, perhaps, the most significant role in supporting Priority Midland’s success by participating in Working Groups and communicating interests and priorities.

Priority Midland’s “Team of Teams” Approach

Priority Midland’s “secret sauce” is the breaking down of existing silos and the alignment of the various efforts in the community around a common blueprint for economic growth and success.

Priority Midland is addressing Midland’s challenges head-on through a more networked, collaborative “team of teams” that can quickly adapt to emerging opportunities, and maximize resources.

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Statement on Political Advocacy: Priority Midland does not endorse candidates nor participate in political campaigns.