Midland Community Development Corporation

Midland Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit helping to build a stronger community by providing financing and education to small businesses and first-time home buyers in low-income areas of Midland.

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Perryman: 85% of regional gross product stays in Midland

Economist Ray Perryman told a gathering of elected leaders Wednesday that there’s a reason a development initiative would be beneficial to the Midland metropolitan statistical area.

He said during a presentation of his study — which looked at the implications of Midland’s anticipated growth — that more than 85 percent of the regional gross product in the Permian Basin oil and gas sector flows to the Midland MSA.

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Both Midland and Odessa saw a boom to their population numbers in 2018, according to new data released from the U.S. Census.

Report Finds Midland Has A Lot Of Growth Potential — If It Can Overcome Critical Challenges In The Coming Years

Midland is growing at a fast rate, as the oil and gas industry continues to thrive in the Permian Basin. But residents and local leaders are beginning to question what needs to be done to make the Tall City a place where more people want to live.

A new economic impact study released by the Perryman group gives residents a picture of how the city will grow if it begins to make some dynamic shifts.

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Education is Priority Midland’s long-term focus

Several Priority Midland stakeholders gathered Wednesday morning at the Petroleum Museum to hear new forecasts for the Midland metropolitan statistical area and prioritize the focus areas. When asked what the one priority of the group is, economist Ray Perryman said, “education is fundamental to growth.”

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Perryman: Midland MSA’s population could reach 280,000 by 2030

Economist Ray Perryman told Priority Midland stakeholders on Tuesday that the Midland metropolitan statistical area’s population could climb to 236,500 by 2025 and 280,800 by 2030.

The Odessan was commissioned by Priority Midland to define the implications of Midland’s anticipated growth. In his presentation, he clearly stated that today’s oil production environment was drastically different than even 10 years ago.

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Priority Midland releases Midland Economic Impact Study

Commissioned study defines implications of industry, population and economic expansion MIDLAND, Texas, August 7, 2019 – Today, at a joint meeting of local taxing entities, Priority Midland released the Midland Economic Impact Study (the Study). The comprehensive report from economist Dr. Ray Perryman and The Perryman Group was commissioned to define the implications of Midland’s

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Priority Midland continues to work on community road map

“If you are not committed (to Priority Midland), get out.” So said Mayor Jerry Morales to those in attendance at the City Council retreat earlier this month. Priority Midland has become a political hot potato ever since the Midland Development Corp. approved $4 million in seed funding.

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Opinion: There is power in partnership

The Permian is blessed with courageous, inventive people and natural resources beyond our wildest imagination. It is one of the reasons wildcatters had the audacity to believe they could create an oasis in the middle of the desert so many lifetimes ago. And against many odds, that’s exactly what they did. Each generation that follows is asked to recommit to Midland’s future and face its challenges – some new, some enduring – head-on.

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