Where the rubber meets the road

An elementary school in Midland


Priority actions to help greater Midland meet the needs of the rapidly growing community.



By 2025: Ensure Midland area schools will become the most improved school districts in Texas, and 70% of students will be college or career ready upon high school graduation (based on Texas Education Agency definition).

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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

By the end of 2025, Midland County will achieve improvements in healthcare system financial sustainability, care delivery, environmental quality, and lifestyle choices to move Midland’s health ranking into the top 10 counties, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) annual County Health Rankings (CHR).

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By 2025, Midland will increase the affordability and availability of housing to accommodate the needs of our workforce.

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By 2021, City and County of Midland ensure necessary maintenance and construction programs to provide required infrastructure that meets forecasted growth on a rolling 5-year cycle.

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Quality of Place

Quality of Place

By 2025: Improve Midland’s competitive advantage by enhancing the physical and cultural environments to make Midland a more vibrant, engaging place to work and live.

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Download the Priority Midland Strategic Framework PDF

Download the Strategic Framework Fact Sheet PDF


Priority Midland fuels the focused commitment to a higher calling to build Midland into a world-class community.


Priority Midland will lead collaboration among elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders to drive solutions and accelerate resourcing for our growing community.

Guiding Principles

Trust: We rely on the integrity of our members to work in good faith, putting the needs of Midland first.

Teamwork: We commit to working together as a team of teams.

Action: We act responsibly to gain the initiative and seize opportunities.

Community: We put the community at the center of everything we do.


Q: Why is the Priority Midland initiative needed?

A: Midland is growing faster than any other area in the nation, putting immense pressure on our infrastructure and resources. Public funding capacity is insufficient to meet current and future needs, and inaction is not an option. This moment is unlike any other in Midland’s history, and it calls for all of us to step up. Priority Midland is a unified effort bringing together the community with taxing entities and other stakeholders to enable Midland to reach critical goals.

Q: What is Priority Midland’s Strategic Framework?

A: Priority Midland’s Strategic Framework outlines how we will all collectively build Midland into a world-class community. It includes:

  • Priority Midland’s vision – the initiative’s highest aspiration;
  • Mission – Priority Midland’s ultimate purpose and focus;
  • The guiding principles we are all committed to as we work together toward common goals;
  • Objectives – the priorities that have been identified in order for greater Midland to meet the needs of this rapidly growing community; and
  • Strategies – the means by which those objectives may be met.

Q: How was the Strategic Framework created?

A: Priority Midland is a community-led effort. The strategic framework is a result of a collaborative process across Priority Midland’s network of volunteers and stakeholders, all providing input to help: 

  • Identify needs and solutions within each focus area (housing, infrastructure, education, health & wellness, quality of place);
  • Collaborate across the different focus areas, as Priority Midland is about recognizing the interconnectedness of all our challenges and getting rid of old, siloed thinking; and
  • Use the Midland Economic Impact Study – which gave definition to the scale and scope of the area’s needs – to inform the objectives and strategies and ensure they begin to directly address Midland’s greatest needs.

Q: How did the community participate in its creation?

A: We have taken input into account from many interested citizens across the community:

  • In a very real sense, every organization, business and citizen in Midland is an important stakeholder in the Priority Midland initiative and the future of the community.
  • Nearly 750 people have attended a Priority Midland event.
  • 135 people have attended a Core Working Group in at least one of five focus areas.
  • 80 unique organizations have been represented at a Core Working Group session.
  • We have also actively sought feedback via the Priority Midland website and social media platforms.

Q: What is Priority Midland’s role in achieving these goals?

A: Priority Midland’s mission is to lead collaboration among elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders to drive solutions and accelerate resourcing for our growing community.  We  aim to do this by:

  • Aligning community priorities,
  • Identifying new sources of funding and resources,
  • Accelerating project timelines, and
  • Creating a roadmap for the future of Midland.

Q: How is Priority Midland supporting the funding of these efforts?

A: Priority Midland’s aim is to make dollars go farther where we can by providing expertise and data (like the Midland Economic Impact Study) to support better-informed decision making across the community. Where greater investment is needed, we will help identify new, creative sources of funding and resources. Sources might include private investors, private sponsorships, state/federal grants, foundations, or philanthropy.

Q: You have mentioned creating a roadmap for the future of Midland. How does the Strategic Framework relate to that roadmap?

A: Priority Midland is currently in the process of working with the community to create a roadmap for the community’s future that directly correlates with the anticipated needs. The strategic framework will be part of that roadmap.

Q: What’s next for Priority Midland’s Strategic Framework?

A: Individual, specific projects are currently being identified and developed to help further the strategies and objectives stated in the Strategic Framework. We will begin sharing those soon.

Q: Is Priority Midland committed to this framework? Is it set in stone?

A: We feel strongly that this is the right place to begin. This Strategic Framework is based on sound information and forecasting as well as input from the amazing stakeholders who have contributed to this plan for Midland’s future. We also recognize that this framework should evolve as the community grows and evolves.